Top 3 Best Vector Editor to Explore Right Now

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  1. FatPaint
    Why Use FatPaint
    Why Use
  3. CorelDraw
    Why Use CorelDraw

When it comes to artwork designing, an online vector editor is the best utility to attain better outcomes for your design. You can find an online vector editor loaded with pre-built features such as fonts, snippets, images that work tremendously to unleash your creativity.

Thanks to an online PDF to SVG converter that lets you make a minimal effort for turning PDF documents to vector SVG file format.

In this informative post, we will mention a few best vector editors through which you can easily attain better results related to your vector artwork. Read on!


It is indicated as the well-known vector designing tool loaded with custom printed templates for drawing page layouts. Also, it provides you with a photo restoration feature and is even loaded with color manipulation that assists you in designing your products.

But what if your product user-manual is packed within PDF format and you want to get its vector files, don’t fret. You just require an online PDF to SVG converter from the free source of theonlineconverter and let it save PDF as SVG vector online.

Moreover, the source of Fatpaint assists you in creating and edit logos, images, and several other types of vector-related illustrations. You can even fetch an innumerable range of fonts and vector clip art that works best for vector file creation.

Why UseFatpaint:

  • Work best for creating logos and 3D texts.
  • Indicated as the best vector image creator and photo editor.
  • You can now easily adjust the extrusion depth and camera position.
  • You could easily explore in-built vector clip arts.

Whenever you need to create some stunning diagrams and vector SVG files, this is where Vecta plays a crucial role according to your artwork preferences. However, PDF to SVG converter online is also the best source that lets you turn PDF into SVG vector files for free, even without quality distortion.

The most appealing reason to use is that it lets you collaborate with your design team in real-time. Besides that, you can take this tool into account for attaining SVG vector graphic files, including icons, symbols, and much more. Additionally, it is loaded with intelligent connector preset flowcharts and lets you create a diagram instantly.

Why Use

  • Get the advanced version toolbar that assists in viewing and reusing colors.
  • Explore a format painter that entirely ensures consistent styling of diagrams.
  • Allow you to work with the best units that are available for both web and print.
  • Get the pixel-perfect zooming.
  • You could quickly determine the shape properties and even readily edit their dimensions.
  • Loaded with an extensive customizable symbols library.
  • Get its group flipping feature that lets you add perfect symmetry into shapes.

Moreover, the time arises when you need to turn PDF into SVG vector file format, this is where an online PDF to SVG converter lets you proceed with quality conversions.


Whenever you require robust image editing and aim to fetch powerful design workflows, all you need to do is proceed with CorelDraw. Yes, it is indicated as the stunning vector creator online packed with advanced drawing tools for vector feathering and bitmap effects.

However, suppose you have many PDF documents and want to swap them with SVG vector graphic files. In that case, an online PDF to SVG converter makes things easier by performing specific changes with the help of conversions.

Even you can quickly proceed with mesh fills, refine vector-related objects, and let you perform fountain fills with the natural help of CorelDraw.

Why Use CorelDraw:

  • You can explore perspective drawing even with multipage views.
  • Allow you to work with image adjustment.
  • Feature with multi-asset exports.
  • You can be able to find the best layout tools for object distribution.
  • Allow you to work with master layers, page numbers, and tables.
  • Let’s proceed with Block shadow tools and Impact tools.
  • Collaboration becomes easy with its Comment’s inspector and docker.

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