Everything You Need To Know About Expo Dubai!

What is the World Expo?

You might know this before but let me clarify this again for some of you who are new to this, world expos are considered to be one of the largest and oldest international events on the planet. Such events last for six months and happen every five years. Anyone around the globe can participate in it. You get to learn a lot of things, you can experience, explore new ideas and have fun working together.

As we all know the expo is short for exposition which means to exhibit something. And when it happens on a larger scale, you can imagine a lot of things and ideas to be exhibited in the world expo.

What is the Expo Dubai?

However, these expos had taken place in different countries of the world but this time Dubai is hosting it, which is going to be the world’s largest cultural gathering. Initially, expo Dubai was supposed to happen in 2020 but due to the global pandemic it got delayed for a year and it is time to bring it back, therefore; expo Dubai is all set to welcome its visitors from all around the world in the following year.

Dates and theme for Expo Dubai 2021-22

As I said above, the expo Dubai was scheduled for 2020 but got delayed so the new dates for the world’s largest exhibition are October 1st, 2021 to March 31st, 2022.

The theme for this expo will be ‘Connecting Minds, Creating the Future.

Dubai and Abu Dhabi as host cities

Expo Dubai will take place in between two cities such as Dubai and Abu Dhabi. It is going to be one of the greatest events in the world where you would witness 60 shows per day and as the reports suggest, there will be 191 country pavilions and will have more than 200 restaurants at the venue. So if you are still ‘thinking about it then let me tell you, you should start packing your bags and book the tickets for this exciting event before it gets too late!

Some of the facts you should know about the Expo Dubai!

To make it more exciting for you, we have gathered some of the facts that you might not know about expo Dubai. So just in case if you are trying not to attend this international event, check out these facts before making a final decision. Because after that you might have to wait for five years for an event like this!

Jam sessions

If you want to enjoy Khaleeji-led jam sessions for two hours straight once a month there’s good news for you! At this event, there will be a two hours jam session, called Jalsat nights at Expo!

Robots to greet you

Other than that you are going to be greeted by more than a hundred robots, manufactured by China. In expo Dubai. Nevertheless, these robots are going to deliver the food, help with directions and might take your photographs too!

For the love of K-pop

This one is for k-pop fans! Korean pavilion is going to showcase k-pop with several bands to perform which includes Stray kids too, who have been appointed pavilion ambassadors.

The Golden Robot

Moving onto Golden robot, Opti. It is known as the guardian of the Opportunity Pavilion and is an Expo mascot.


Let’s talk about the volunteers. There will be more than 30,000 volunteers that have signed up to help expo Dubai.


The world’s chess championship will be hosted in expo Dubai!

A lot of visits

Approximately 25 million visits are expected to expo Dubai.

Site for expo Dubai

The site for Expo Dubai is located in the Dubai South area, near Al Maktoum International Airport that covers a total of 438 hectares.


The main districts are linked to Al Wasl Plaza, it is Dubai’s historic name that means connection.

The 360-degree dome

You will also get to see the world’s largest projection surface, the 360-degree dome. The fun Fact is, it is taller than the Pisa tower!

Mobility pavilion

Moving onto a mobility pavilion that includes the world’s largest passenger lift that can carry 160 people at a time.

Jubilee experience

Sign up for a jubilee experience and be treated as a VIP in expo Dubai. It will give you access to a special lounge, valet parking, and other perks. It costs Dh10,000 by the way.

Special holidays

Don’t worry about the other special days like Halloween or mothers day because Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Arabic Language Day, World Poetry Day, and Mother’s Day will all be celebrated at Expo Dubai, with events held in a specially built amphitheater.

National days

Other than that every participating country will get to celebrate their national day or an honored day during six months of the event at Al Wasi Plaza.

AR Rehman

As per reports you might get a chance to see a group of female musicians join an all-women ensemble for expo Dubai, which btw is recruited by the Oscar-winning composer AR Rehman.


The Firdaus Orchestra will also perform several times during the world fair.

Sweden’s pavilion

Good news for nature lovers. Sweden’s pavilion is called ‘The forest’ and interestingly it is built and designed to reduce CO2 emissions and act as a carbon sink with a wooden structure.

The youth pavilion

This one is for young people! The youth pavilion is built and managed by young people and the good thing about this pavilion is that it is for young people! This open and creative space is designed to be a center point for youth activities.

Friendly mascots

Siblings Rashid, Latifa and Salama, and the ghaf tree, are Dubai Expo’s friendly mascots.

Sustainability pavilion

The sustainability pavilion is entirely operated by solar energy.


If you fly with Emirates during expo Dubai, you will receive a complimentary expo Dubai day pass.

Australian pavilion

In addition, for cricket lovers, the Australian pavilion is going to host a cricket exhibition match.

Singapore’s pavilion

Food for thought or food to think? Well, if you are a foodie just like me then you should definitely head towards Singapore’s pavilion where chefs from some of the city’s most famous restaurants and street stalls will serve traditional coffee and snacks, including tapioca, green bean fritters, traditional chicken, and beef satay. Sounds delicious, doesn’t it?

Ghaf Avenue

A shaded area in Expo 2020 Dubai called Ghaf Avenue is named after the traditional trees that grow in the UAE desert and provide a habitat for so many insects and mammals.

Singer and pianist!

Ragheb Alama and Italian pianist Ludovico Einaudi are going to perform in expo Dubai too!

We still have so many facts and fun facts to convince you of this biggest event of the world but at the end of the day, it is you who will decide if it’s worth it or not. But how can you decide that unless you experience it? No?

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