Microsoft Lists SEO as the Most Important Hard Skill for Marketers

Microsoft Lists SEO as the Most Important Hard Skill for Marketers

Microsoft Lists SEO

So there is this news circulating that Microsoft lists SEO as the most effective complex skill for marketers, and everyone has been talking about it since then. Microsoft published this study in 2020. The primary purpose of this study was to identify and list the most important trends in marketing in the following year.

The study was sectioned, and the most current trends were listed accordingly. Their data was based on the survey on a LinkedIn poll, and 600 global marketers participated in it.

Result said that the most important hard skills for marketers in 2020 would have to be SEO, behavioral analysis, automation, and copywriting. Although every skill is important, SEO is top on the list because online sites are becoming more and more popular than store-front. And more companies accept the fact that SEO is essential that’s why mostly businessmen contact SEO Agency for their services.

It has a significant impact on your business whether you optimize your company’s website or not. And why is that? Because people trust and depend on google, and if your business does not pop up in a google search bar, then they might think that your site is not trusted enough.

Why is SEO important?

With all that being said, it is pretty clear why Microsoft lists SEO as an essential hard skill for marketers. You may build a fantastic website with great content, and it still won’t get ranked due to poor choice of keywords. Therefore SEO is an essential tool for any marketer. And everyone should learn SEO.

Search engine optimization

Search engine optimization, aka SEO, is a process that helps you get ranked and visibility in Google searches. In addition, it generates a hundred percent organic audience to your website with the help of the correct strategy.

Data analysis

If we talk about data analysis, then it goes hand to hand with SEO because both are vital for measuring the success of a campaign.


Another skill that links with SEO is copywriting. Copywriting makes a big difference when it comes to business marketing. A well maintained and well-written content is the first thing that will catch the attention of any visitor. If you can’t write great content, then it might not help you to grab attention. Therefore it is necessary to have the skill to write high-quality content!

Behavioural analysis

Moving on to behavioral analysis, it’s good to have an additional skill like this one because you can better understand what users are doing and why they are doing it.


Automation or machine learning. It allows businesses to take advantage of activities related to marketing and automating processes. It has been happening for many years, and the trend is still set to continue with more tools.

All the skills that Microsoft has listed are essential for the growth of your online business. However, SEO will be leading for a couple of years now because of the trends that are going on in the market.

The question is that apart from every other skill, why does Microsoft list SEO as the most important hard skill?

However, the answer is pretty obvious but let’s discuss it briefly. Why and how SEO helps you grow your business? You can increase your online business with the help of a pay-per-click method, too. Still, it might get costly and won’t help you much. Still, suppose you chose SEO over PPC. In that case, it’s guaranteed that your business is undoubtedly on the right track because it has an organic audience. It generates specific traffic to your websites.

Marketing is a constantly moving industry. It evolves with the blink of an eye—everything including trends, skills, strategies, methods, and all. But, of course, nothing would be the same next year. Still, if we talk about SEO, we see that even after evolving, the importance of search engine optimization will remain the same because we are moving forward to the digital world. Therefore, it is vital to know about optimizing your business websites because you need your business to keep growing to be successful in the future.

Microsoft also listed soft skills that include;


Marketing is an art, and it is all about cutting it short. You can’t sell anything if you are not creative enough. Creativity also includes thinking outside of the box and coming up with new and more effective strategies than before.


Humility is all about being upfront with what you offer and standby with it. It describes the relationship you have with your customers in general. It is undoubtedly a vital skill to have in the marketing industry!


What empathy is in marketing? Well, it’s like you have to slide your feet into your customer’s shoes to understand better what they need and what you should offer them.


As I said, it is a constantly changing industry, so therefore you need to be adaptable.

These are the skills that will lead you to success for sure, and now you may have an idea why every single skill is essential in marketing!

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