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American Horror Story


AMERICAN HORROR STORY SEASON 10 RELEASE DATE The American horror story is back with yet another season for fans which is the season 10 double feature. American horror story season 10 release date announced and the first episode premiered on 25th august 2021. Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk are the directors for season 10. The premiere was set to launch …

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technology affects teenagers' lives

How Technology Affects Teenagers’ Lives?

How Technology Affects Teenagers’ Lives? Technology is one thing that influences everyone, regardless of age, race, caste, and religion. From infants to the old ones of our society, everyone is mainly influenced by technology and its advancements. The technological advancements that the world has achieved are fascinating and eye-opening. The thought of self-driving cars, the use of robotics, watches keeping …

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Stadia Pro Games


GOOGLE ADDING 3 STADIA PRO GAMES FOR SEPTEMBER 2021 We all anxiously want to know what games google added in-stadia pro games for September. So let us roll back and share some background details about what Google stadia is? Google stadia launched almost one year before to play big video games on any device through cloud backup. Google’s streaming game …

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Coupons and Codes

How can we Save Money With Coupons And Codes?

COUPONS AND CODES As we all know, in marketing, people use coupons and codes to get discounts on shopping. Coupons and codes save your money while shopping. Manufacturers issue these coupons as a part of their sale promotions. The customers use these codes and coupons to get financial discounts on the purchase of different products. People love couponing, and it …

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Scope of Affiliate Marketing

Future With Affiliate Marketing

SCOPE OF AFFILIATE MARKETING: The affiliate market is a process of earning money, just like commission, by being a median between the two parties. In marketing, sometimes, the advertiser connects to the consumer through a channel, and the track performs as a bridge between the two parties to sell a product and gain traffic. Therefore, the scope of affiliate marketing …

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SEO Optimized Website

How SEO Optimized Websites Can Increase Your Sales?

How SEO Optimized Websites Can Increase Your Sales? SEO or search engine optimization is an essential tool for SEO Optimized websites to increase sale. If your website is optimized enough, it’s easy for Google to rank it, and when your website is ranking on the top, it helps gather targeted audiences and increase traffic to your website. Seo Optimized websites …

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Latest Technologies


LATEST TECHNOLOGIES TO SOLVE THE WORLD’S PROBLEMS Today, technology performs a significant role in solving global problems. It may be building a business or solving social issues. It can impact business and the life of an ordinary man in many ways all over the world. Technology affects the way people communicate, think, and work. Therefore, it plays a vital role …

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Useful electronic gadgets

Useful Electronic Gadgets For Students

USEFUL ELECTRONIC GADGETS FOR STUDENTS Life at college and university can be very hectic for students. Among the endless textbooks you need to read and the thousands of words you need to write and learn. It might be difficult for students to cope up with daily life. So anything that can make academic life easier is worth the shot. Electronic …

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Rise of Edge Computing


THE RISE OF EDGE COMPUTING Edge computing is already in use all around us, from wrist wearables to computer parsing traffic intersection flow. Other examples included smart utility, grid analysis, safety monitoring of oil rigs, streaming video optimization, and drone crop management. However, understanding the rise of edge computing and its concept can be difficult for a person unaware of …

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