5 Innovative and Modern Farming Techniques

5 Innovative and Modern Farming Techniques

Modern Farming Techniques

The world is digitizing daily, and even farming, which is a more manual technique, is moving towards automation. With the concept of computerized farming, the demand for this field will grow exponentially. In an age where computer algorithms can determine taste and growth optimization, the scientists claim to achieve plants of food crops that are much more abundant and tasty. This modern farming technique might sound unreal, but it’s a possibility. So, here are some different innovative and modern farming techniques to make the cultivation process easier.

In-House Growth

Modern Farming Techniques

Kept inside shipping containers, free from excessive light and water, the plants promise to become more flavorful and nutritious. This growth is kept under control via computer-generated software. This software makes sure everything is under control. No excessive light will pass through such plants, and they receive a proper amount of water. It’s an example of Urban farming. According to a study, Japan produces heaps of lettuce through the “plant factory” concept.

Developed countries are better off adopting modern farming methods as they are more open to such modern techniques. On the other hand, underdeveloped countries should consider primitive techniques as these countries do not have the resources to achieve the desired results of modern farming techniques. Their economies are not in a state of creating budgets for such advanced methods and techniques. When they gradually move up on the economic scale, they should adopt such practices.

5 Modern Farming Techniques

1. Urban Farming (Vertical Farms)

Modern Farming Techniques
5 Innovative and Modern Farming Techniques

This concept of growing plants in their own different pods and keeping them away from all sorts of harm is known as urban farming which is the best modern farming technique. Stacked into each other, these plants grow in one of the best artificially created environments. This process takes less space to work with and provides satisfying results. This method can, at times, be complex due to its implementations. This type of farming method produces a 10 times bigger yield as compared to traditional techniques.

2. Usage of AI
Modern Farming Techniques

The concept of self-driving cars is highly appreciated globally. Still, the idea of self-driving tractors is fascinating. The fields that require a lot of plowing and then leveling also require the use of a tractor. Hence use of a self-driving tractor can take lesser time and aid the farmers a lot. All of this is possible because of robotics and the related AI. Robotics can produce impressive, time-saving results, and error-free farming is achievable through this modern farming technique.

3. Usage of Blockchain Technology
Modern Farming Techniques

Famous for the invention of cryptocurrency, blockchain can open many opportunities in the field of agriculture. In modern farming techniques, this type is the most recent one. Its implementations on multiple different aspects of life are proving to be life-changing. The first blockchain-based trade took place in 2017 when almost sixty thousand tonnes of soybeans were sold to China.

4. The Concept of Genetic Engineering
the concept of genetic engineering

Another modern farming technique provides crops that are more nutritious and tasty. The key thing that this field focuses on is any related harmful elements present in the desired plant. Genetically removing the contaminated portions of the plants or performing plant surgeries help in getting optimizing results. This can lead to preventing us humans from catching the herpes virus. With considerable advancement in this field over the years, many farmers expect significant environmental changes through this modern farming technique.

5. Usage of Drones
usage of drones

In search of inspecting the possible turbulence in the food crops, these modern farming techniques help farmers. It enables the farmer to detect where the potential difficulty lies. This process helps in detecting probable insects and pests. A daily roam allows the farmer to check for daily disturbances. The drones enable the farmers to get a higher view, but a closer look is also possible through the usage of these drones. 

The use of scarecrows, which was traditional and promised to make sure the fields are free from all kinds of birds, and other crop-eaters, will now be controlled by these drones. A free roam in the fields, being monitored by a staff of experts, these drones prove to be a fantastic advancement in agriculture modern techniques.

These modern methods of cultivation take less space, time, and human energy to complete. Successful implementation of these modern techniques is achievable through better knowledge of these methods. And a proper understanding of such methods can come with experience. If a farmer desires to grip on such modern farming techniques, he should get help from the experts in modern farming. Through their support, a farmer can efficiently perform at a much-advanced level than ever before.

Today, there are hundreds and thousands of agricultural startups worldwide, and it gives us a feel of the great “Agricultural revolution.” In this day of age, modern farming techniques are taking over much traditional farming. As a result, climate control, spoil damage control, excessive water, and salinity and their problems are now solvable.

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