Do You Know About Xiaomi Smart Glasses?


We are in a competitive world and everyone is trying really hard to get ahead of one another. The same is the case with Facebook and Xiaomi. Not so long after Facebook announced its launch of smart glasses with Ray-ban. Xiaomi is in the market with the launch of Xiaomi smart glasses too.

Gone are the days when we used to see it in movies and action series. We never knew there would be an actual set of smart glasses we could experience. Sometimes, it feels like we are living ahead of our times. As strange as it sounds, the concept of smart glasses was not so strong years ago but today everything is possible!

No, I am not saying that you can see the future with smart glasses but there would be a reason why these glasses are smart! You might be thinking, I am playing with your head but seriously I am not! Before getting into details let’s talk about Xiaomi!

About Xiaomi

Let’s start with the logo of Xiaomi. It has two initials, MI. According to the official website, it stands for Mobile internet or you can say, Mission Impossible too. Because as Xiaomi says; ‘we faced many challenges that had seemed impossible to defy in our early days.’

It was founded in April 2010, so it’s been a long time. However, it was listed on the main board of the Hong Kong stock exchange on 9th July 2018. It is a consumer electronics and smart manufacturing company with smart hardware and phones connected by an IoT platform at its core.

It is one of the leading smartphone companies in the world with the vision of ‘making friends with the users and being the coolest company in their hearts. Its smartphone shipments ranked no.2 globally in the second quarter of 2021.

About Xiaomi products

Xiaomi has established the world’s leading AIoT platform, as I said above, with 374.5 million smart devices connected to its platform as of June 30, 2021, excluding smartphones and laptops.

Xiaomi products are present in more than 100 countries and regions around the world.

In August 2021, the company made the Fortune Global 500 list for the third time, ranking 338th, up 84 places compared to 2020.

Xiaomi Smart Glasses  

Xiaomi Smart Glasses

Now let’s move on to the actual topic. Xiaomi Smart glasses! These smart glasses can easily combine an imaging system with its sensor into a simple design. It is the first eye wearable device launched by Xiaomi. However, these glasses just look like normal sunglasses but if you read about the specifications, you might get an idea about them.

The sensors of Xiaomi smart glasses can enable various features that include navigation and real-time text translation! Other than that, these glasses weigh around 51 grams. As the company said; these glasses can integrate a new MicroLED optical waveguide technology to display messages and notifications in front of your eyes, the company said.

The Xiaomi smart glasses are launched but as far as the pricing and the availability of glasses is concerned, that has not been revealed yet.

Specifications of Xiaomi Smart Glasses

There was a time when people used to have smartwatches. Not so long. But now we have Xiaomi smart glasses in the market too. You can check your messages, emails, notifications with just one click and even if you want to make some changes you can do that too, with one click!

Built and structure of Xiaomi smart glasses

Let’s start with the structure of Xiaomi smart glasses. These glasses are built to function as a smartphone. You can use it as a standalone device too because they are independent devices. The display chip measures 2.4mm*2.2mm.

It has an ultra-efficient monochrome display solution for a better display. And it might surprise you that Xiaomi smart glasses are composed of 497 small components.

You can use Xiaomi smart glasses to take photos, find perfect routes and translate texts.

You can use Al assistant as a primary tool for interaction. This smart tool will display information when it’s needed.

Xiaomi smart glasses also have an embedded speaker and microphone. I mean, which smart thing does not have it? The microphone is beamforming which will help you with easy communication.

These glasses have a 5MP front camera that will help you to take snapshots and photographs.

According to reports, the company also said; ‘the Xiaomi Smart Glasses are also capable of transcribing audio into text with translations in real-time.’

Xiaomi smart glasses quad-core ARM processor, a touchpad, and support for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Xiaomi says that Xiaomi Smart Glasses run on the Android operating system.

To make it a little more clear, see, what the company has to say further;

“The grating structure etched onto the inner surface of the lens allows light to be refracted in a unique way, directing it safely into the human eye. The refraction process involves bouncing light beams countless times, allowing the human eye to see a complete image, and greatly increasing usability while wearing. All this is done inside a single lens, instead of using complicated multiple lens systems, mirrors, or half mirrors as some other products do.”

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