How Technology Affects Teenagers’ Lives?

How Technology Affects Teenagers’ Lives?

technology affects teenagers' lives

Technology is one thing that influences everyone, regardless of age, race, caste, and religion. From infants to the old ones of our society, everyone is mainly influenced by technology and its advancements. The technological advancements that the world has achieved are fascinating and eye-opening. The thought of self-driving cars, the use of robotics, watches keeping a check on your pulse and blood pressure always mesmerize us, humans, as to what we have achieved. Many people are changing their lives with such advancements, but technology affects teenagers’ lives the most.

Technology is affecting teenage life very badly. But, unfortunately, where technological advancements are a blessing, they can also become a catastrophe at times, leading to even further consequences. Teenagers are most at risk of getting influenced by anything; therefore, keeping a regular check is essential for parents as technology affects teenagers’ lives.

Statistics that show teenagers use technology the most

According to research, 95% of teenagers own smartphones in major demographic regions of the world. Out of such teenagers, almost 45% have access to the internet; thus, they are well aware of the worldwide web and its challenges (Tori Rodriguez). Most teenagers are wasting the golden days of their lives while using such technological advancements. Students’ online activity is the highest compared to adults; this shows that technology affects teenagers’ lives.  

Negative impacts of technology on the youth of today

Technology Affects Teenagers' Lives

Where technology has its amazing set of benefits, there are many disadvantages attached to it. Technology affects teenagers’ lives completely. People tend to forget the disadvantages of technology and do not focus on their children. As a result, they get a bad influence. Such impacts of technology affect teenagers’ lives. Following are the negative impacts of technology:

1. Mental health problems

The greater the use of the internet and other technology, the greater will be its effects on the health of the users. Reading compelling/brainwashing articles, stories, and promotions can lead to further complications for a teenager as any piece of advice mainly influences them. Addiction to technology can also lead to stress, hypertension, and depression at such an early age. Such mental health problems ignite the concept that “technology affects teenagers’ lives.”  

2. No socialization

The concept of socialization gets buried wherever technology and its related devices are more than usual. Excess use of the internet on computers, tablets, smartphones, and gaming consoles can lead to no socializing. The concept of interacting is merely a reality now. You will see a number of persons sitting in a cafeteria attached to their cellphones rather than talking with others and creating new friends. Technology affects teenagers’ lives if they have zero socializing skills.

This generally leads to having no one to talk with during desperate times as technology cannot console a person during their hard times. During desperate times, people require physical condolences rather than receiving online messages. Such an attitude of preferring technology over friends leads to depression and various other complications in life. When preferred over technology, social skills will reduce the threat of “technology affects teenagers’ lives.”

3. Less sports-filled activities

Sports activities are essential for teenagers and even children as they teach a lot apart from healthy children. As we all know, sports brings in the concept of a healthy person who doesn’t require extra food supplies to get proteins and vitamins. Unfortunately, today many adolescents need such medicated food as the potentiality of proteins, vitamins, and carbohydrates present in their bodies is not good enough. Staying awake late at night, preferring a stay at home rather than an outdoor game are the reasons for unhealthy teenagers.

Apart from the physical advantage, sports provide psychological benefits as well. The activity that teaches a person to face defeat at the earliest stages in sports. A person who meets failures in life is never considered a loser; instead, he is the real winner. A defeat teaches you to pick yourself up and overachieve others. Along with the concept of failure to succeed, sports also provide leadership qualities to those taking part in such sporty activities and outdoor games.

The above-mentioned points were just a glimpse of how technology affects teenagers’ lives. Thus the impact of technology on teenage life today is a huge one.

Technology affects teenagers' lives

How to take control?

There are many vital techniques that parents should acquire. The teenagers wanting to lower their addiction and attachment to the internet and technology can also focus on such practices. There is no such explanation for how technology affects teenagers’ lives, but such a situation is solvable.

Setting the right features

The first thing the parents or any responsible teenager should keep in mind is to avoid all the default settings on their phones. Primarily, these default settings are designed to hook the viewers and attain their unfocused attention. These settings are notification settings, autoplay features in videos, or blocking unwanted minds diverting ads from multiple apps. Most spam-filled apps generate different links through which they might get paid, but our future generation will get spoiled.

Underuse of Wifi devices

 Wifi devices are the source of providing internet to your homes and turning off the device limits you from accessing your internet facility. This internet technology affects teenagers’ lives for good. While going to bed, turning off your wifi devices would help as there will not be anything troubling you in your sleep. One undisturbed sleep is better than continuous sleepless nights.

Drafting a timeframe for everything

These days, teenagers give excessive time to technology, whether gaming, photography, social media and whatnot. Proper implementation is, therefore, a necessity. A valid time for everything must be evaluated. This will divide the attention of the teenagers, and they will give a calculated time to everything. There is no doubt that the current technology affects teenagers’ lives, but the parents or teenagers should focus on eliminating such threats.

However, the efficient use of technology leads to a fantastic set of opportunities and improvements in a person’s career. Making the most out of technology is a more significant achievement than getting affected by it. Better computing, messaging/chatting, gaming, and other internet platforms will open new ways and possibilities. 

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