Recently launched Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3

Recently launched Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3

Samsung Galaxy z fold

Announced on the 27th of August 2021, these phones came into the market with a bang, just like the previous Samsung Fold phones. However, these Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 phones will not only leave the potential users speechless but also attracted. The recently launched Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 will be the third version of the Z series and is one of the hottest topics among tech enthusiasts and experts.   

This phone might be the best folding phone yet, with a more sleek and durable design than the previous versions. It will also have the S pen support that usually the Samsung Note series has in their products. In addition, the Samsung Galaxy Z fold 3 will also have an amazing camera, a camera that will attract many Insta and Snapchat enthusiasts.

Features of the recently launched Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3

The users usually look for new features whenever there is a launch of a new product. The same goes for the manufacturers, who provide features in the latest versions and focus on bringing something new to the table every time. Here are some of the features this Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 has:


As many users expected this phone to be, it turned out to be the same. This phone is water-resistant and can withstand a water depth of 1.5 meters. Rainy day selfies are not a sign of danger anymore for Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3. However, this phone is not dust resistant. A strong aluminum body will provide damage control and ensure the phone stays in good condition even after a fall. This phone also has a PET film feature that allows an 80 percent more durable screen.


This smartphone has a screen of 7.6 inches once unfolded, which will provide an amazing display. A display of the finest quality is promised while using these Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 phones. A much more improved touch sensor than before will provide an amazing gaming experience for all gamers. Scrolling on a particular newsfeed will be an ease of the fingers as well. The buttery touch technology makes it stand tall over its previous versions.

Multi-tasking feature

This technology will use the Multi-Active window feature, allowing the users to have a feel of operating two windows at a time. The foldable feature allows the phone owners to access two different windows displaying these windows on the two panes of the phone. The all-new taskbar feature will enable the users to switch into different apps while staying on one without visiting the home first. This taskbar will display other apps along with their notifications, and this feature stands tall over all others.

The drag and split feature are another one of its quality feature that will allow the users to open a certain page of a site differently onto a different. It’s more like using a laptop, a laptop that has one thing going on its screen and another on its keyboard area.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 S Pen

Samsung Z Fold preorder services are now over as the phone is officially out. One major thing that attracted the loyal customers of Samsung was the introduction of the S Pen into this smartphone. Imagine drawing your ideas or making notes using your hands through the S Pen technology on a 7.6-inch screen. They feel it will provide is unimaginable and can be beneficial for many users.

However, this phone will not have S Pens as an included device, nor does it have a slot to place the S Pen. The users will have to purchase it differently as an accessory. The screen- space of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3, when unfolded, is much wider and promises great satisfaction for the user to get a great experience.

Camera features

Samsung has brought some of the features from Galaxy S21 Ultra. Including the dynamic video and the director’s view. Moreover, the zooming power of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 is unmatched and produces amazing images of far-away objects.

Battery performance 

Compared to the previous Z Fold phone, this year’s smartphone will have a smaller battery. In addition, it comes with the support of 10W wireless charging. However, the Galaxy Z Fold 3 will not have a charger included in the total package.

Samsung Z Fold 3 specifications

The all-new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 is getting recognition since arriving in the worldwide market. All of this recognition is because of its specifications. Following are the specifications of Galaxy Z Fold 3:

Memory: The all-new Galaxy Z Fold 3 is supported by 12 GB RAM and 256GB or 512GM storage.

Battery: A battery of 4400mAh is used in this Galaxy Z Fold 3 phone with wireless charging of 25W and wireless charging of 10W. 

Camera: A selfie camera of 10Mp while the rear camera has three lenses of 12Mp each with a 2x zooming lens.

S Pen: The slot for the S Pen is not available in these Samsung phones while it’s easily accessible.

5G support: Yes, this phone has 5G support

Audio support: the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 has stereo speakers. A dual audio concept is also possible with this phone. Just connect the Bluetooth to two different audio devices and experience simultaneous music on both devices.

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