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Write for Us: Technologyrex has a universal platform where on daily basis, the latest technology news is being updated by a team of professionals along with our highly skilled guest posters. To make sure that the content and research so provided by the guest is up to our reputation, we follow a few guidelines set according to Technologyrex’s policies which ensure that quality content is being delivered.

We make sure to provide our viewers and followers with in-depth knowledge of technology and how it’s moving into the futuristic world. A world of artificial intelligence, virtual reality, 3d-printing, seabed mining, and green energy will be explored and talked about through the diverse platform of Technologyrex. The followers will, therefore, be enlightened with vast knowledge about our world, and how will it look in the future.

Guest posting guidelines for TechnologyRex

Why write for TechnologyRex?

There exist many benefits for guest writing on Technologyrex. A struggling technical writer or a tech addict can attain the desired attention through our platform and achieve some limelight through our worldwide viewers especially from the US. Following are the benefits in writing for Technologyrex:

  • Help you connect with a global audience through our huge platform
  • A better recognition than ever before for our writers
  • Sharing your expertise and writing qualities on the worldwide web
  • An unimaginable exposure of your content and an unbelievable reach
  • Backlinks for your site will be provided by Technologyrex 

What can I write?

Our name, Technologyrex suggests that the relevant posting required for Technologyrex is based solely on technology and its advancements. The blog writers interested in writing for us must make sure to keep the following topics in mind which will help them in approving their articles/blogs:

  • Computer technology
  • Android and Ios development
  • Robotics
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Internet and its growth
  • Media technology and its advancement
  • Gaming technology and its development
  • Industries and their technological betterment
  • Latest news about engineering and its different fields
  • Green energy and its advancements
  • Carbon-less economy

Guest posting requirements

Tehnologyrex and its reviewing criteria are maintained by a team of professionals. Hence, guest postings will be approved basing on the set of criteria set by the team. The idea ensures that the content so written reflects quality and relevance at the same time. Following are the requirements for guest posting

  • 100 percent unique content
  • No copypasting 
  • Zero tolerance of hate speech and critical analysis
  • No Self-promotion
  • A writer must submit his research based on true facts
  • Precise headings and sub-headings
  • Articles with clarity and good readability
  • Fully researched-based content
  • Short and engaging paragraphs which can attract the visitors
  • A minimum word count of 800 words is acceptable
  • The content should be free from any grammatical, spelling, and punctuation errors
  • Usage of visuals (copyright-free images)
What kind of researches are acceptable?

Researches triggering the interests of the viewers and making them lean towards other articles and researches will be approved in the first go without any rejection. The research should contain accuracy and authenticity,  and our team will appreciate it if it’s free from irrelevant information.

Many Americans believe that the technological advancement of the next half-century will prove to be better for society and the environment. Topics about the research of such world and environment-changing technologies are highly appreciable as they will prove to be more engaging and informative at the same time. Researches on these topics will have more impact than writing for outdated and obsolete technological inventions. Our followers are mainly from the US and therefore the technological researches related to the country is acceptable as the first priority.

Send your articles to TechnologyRex

Keeping the aforementioned guidelines in mind, guest-posters with proper selection of topic and its full-proof research, can submit their work and get more recognition than ever before. Our reviewing team will then make sure to keep our finely drafted guidelines in mind and based on them, your articles will be approved.

Note that it is fully our right whether to accept or reject any written content. If it doesn’t live up to our standards, then rejection is highly likely by our reviewing and proofreading team. A writer must make sure to proofread and double-check for errors before writing for us.

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